Resolver recognised as key tool for the future of online dispute resolution

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May 12, 2015

All-party law reform group JUSTICE points to Resolver as a key tool for an easy ‘dispute resolution pathway’

Resolver Justice

A report on delivering an efficient justice system in an age of public spending cuts has highlighted Resolver as an example of an ideal tool to form part of an online platform for consumer dispute resolution.

In its section focusing on how to deliver online systems for advice, information and assistance in legal disputes, ‘Delivering Justice in an Age of Austerity’ says the following: “There are a number of features that an online platform must have in order to provide a viable alternative to at least some of what could otherwise only be personally delivered.”

JUSTICE believes that an integrated online platform should “provide a dispute resolution pathway, providing a range of alternatives. This should include tools to assist in the preparation of correspondence and, where appropriate, a claim form or defence.”

That’s where we come in. By providing supporting information for your consumer issue, offering a single place to store all your correspondence, and signposting you to the potential next steps, we are forming the first part of a chain that JUSTICE believes could lead to a simpler, more effective system for consumer redress.

What this means for you:

By using Resolver, you are forming the first part of an online chain that, in the future, will provide end-to-end redress for all levels of consumer issues, making it easier than ever before to get your voice heard

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