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April 18, 2015

(18/4/2015) We hope to revolutionise customer service in the UK thanks to new deal with consumer champions MSE and Martin Lewis

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We at are exceptionally excited to announce the news that we are partnering with top UK consumer champions as part of our continued drive to change the way the UK complains.

With thousands of companies and services already in our system, you can already use to raise an issue with an ever-growing number of organisations across the country.

Now, though, we’re set to marry our innovative technology with MSE’s decade-plus of campaigning knowhow. Our aim? To revolutionise customer service in this country and to make complaining easier and smoother for millions of people.

We’ve always believed in the power of Resolver’s unique complaints management system; now with the help of, we can take our platform to more people than ever, making sure more people get the customer service they deserve.

Read more here about the deal we’ve signed and why Martin Lewis is excited to be working with us in the Telegraph

Alternatively, if you want to try out Resolver now, click here – It’s free, simple, and effective!

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