Moved it forward? Time to check your rescheduled events

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March 23, 2021

Last year was, among other things, the year many of us put our lives on hold. Everything from special events to holidays were cancelled, rescheduled or turned in to vouchers.

A year on and there are lots of things we still can’t do. We all know if we’ve not been able to take holidays, but do you know where your vouchers are – or what they cover? And if you had a gig, event or other special day planned, what’s happened to it? Here’s a quick overview of what you can do.

Gigs, concerts and special events

Most gigs, events and concerts got moved forward a year when lockdown began. But that means you still can’t attend many of the events rescheduled that are coming around again now. Of course, the big problem is remembering them. So grit your teeth and take some time to go through your emails. This may be a bit of a nightmare – particularly because many booking confirmations don’t include the name of the event in the main body of the text. Try searching for ‘booking’ ‘box office’ or ‘confirmation’ and, word of the week, ‘rescheduled’.

If a gig, event or anything similar is cancelled you are entitled to a full refund of the face value of the ticket. Usually, the promoter or event organiser will refund you on to the card you paid with if the event is off completely. 

If you can’t attend a rescheduled event (or you might have concerns about safety in the coming months) you should be entitled to a full refund too. Make sure you explain to the selling agent why you can’t attend though. Given that they are wary of people being able to sell potentially unused tickets through resale agencies – often at a profit – I’d expect them to be reasonable.

As we’re repeatedly advising these days, where cancellation refunds aren’t coming through your bank or card provider may be able to ‘charge back’ the money. You may have to sign a waiver to show you’re not breaching a contract by doing this – and sadly, time limits mean you may be too late. However, if you paid over £100 on a credit card and bought tickets directly from a ticket seller (not through a third party) then you may also be able to make a claim under what’s known as section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. This is a legal right to claim the money back from your card provider.

Travel and holidays

If you moved a holiday at home or away, you still can’t go at the moment – though that may change soon if we’re lucky. Don’t forget you can still ask for a full refund if you’re unable to travel or if your circumstances have changed.

The big issue is vouchers, expiry dates and refunds. Many thousands (possibly millions) of airline and holiday vouchers are swirling around in internet land at the moment. We know we have them, but have we checked them?

Do it and do it today! Some vouchers have expiry dates on them though the travel industry assures me it’s extending them. But don’t assume they will in all cases. Ask the travel company what happens if you use your vouchers. Can you get a cash refund if you still can’t travel? Under what circumstances are they refunding in future? Can they extend the expiry date?

Some airlines and travel firms are saying they ‘can’t’ refund travel vouchers. This is going to be the next big battleground in the year ahead. EU guidance (not law) last year said that refunds should be given within 14 days or requesting the money. Of course, we’ve left the EU though our laws are still aligned. Bear in mind though that all the experts, Government bodies and specialists say you should be able to get a refund. Watch this space!

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