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July 23, 2018

23/07/2018 Confession time: are you bored yet? Yes, it’s going to have a huge effect on all our lives, but Brexit fatigue is kicking in across the nation. Even the Mail hasn’t put it on the front cover of the paper today.

At Resolver, we still care about the big Brexit issues – and we’re working on the guides to help you no matter what the outcome. But in the meantime here’s our weekly round up of the stories in the press that could affect you.

Going spare over Ryanair

Savvy travellers don’t just shop around for the cheapest deals for flights these days – they book with the airlines that are the most stable and least likely to strike. So bad luck Ryanair customers, who are looking at a nervous few months while the strikes kick in. Ryanair may have suggested they don’t have to pay the compensation. But they do. Get started here!

Do you have friends or family affected by flight delays? Pass on our details.

Prime numbers

‘Down valuation’ is where you agree to buy a house for a set price, but at the last minute, the surveyors undervalue it leaving you to plug a funding hole in your mortgage of thousands of pounds. Mortgage companies have been getting away with this for years now – and we don’t think it’s fair. Make your voice heard at

From meter you

Are smart meters actually going to save us lots of cash? As controversy rages about the new meters and if they’re transferable to new providers, a group of MPs are questioning whether the savings are worth it.

Broadband banned

Rubbish broadband services are a perennial complaint. One village got so fed up with waiting they did it themselves. If you’ve been stitched up by a broadband provider get in touch.

Fake engineers cause tears

Those ever-creative scammers have tried vishing, smishing, courier fraud and now engineer fraud to relieve people of their cash. The latest variation on the scam involves fake broadband engineers calling to say they need to sort out a router problem, gaining access to the system then remotely nicking the money. We don’t think the banks will be able to decline a refund on this basis… but let’s wait and see.

Eyes, thumbs and selfies

Last week, we reported that banks may soon require text authorisation for all Visa transactions. This week, the Mail focuses on ‘secondary authorisation’ – EU rules that require two forms of ID to be taken. This could include facial recognition, fingerprints and newer tech. Anyone who has seen Minority Report might be a bit nervous about iris recognition however…

…and finally…

It’s goodbye to Dave over at Virgin Media who found themselves in a standoff with the provider of ten much-loved channels. Virgin blinked first and Dave bailed. But does this mean that customers can cancel their subscriptions… Watch this space.

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