Monday Media Round-Up – What is the most delayed airline?

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August 10, 2018

06/08/2018 Hello Resolvers! Everyone needs a holiday now and then and despite the record-breaking temperatures at home, this is the busiest time of year for the airports. Lots of journalists are also away – and coming back with their own horror stories – so expect more stories about travel traumas in the next two weeks.

Today’s news

What is the most delayed airline?

Let’s start with travel and the Guardian, who feature the worst airlines for punctuality. The Civil Aviation Authority regularly publishes this information. But in a format that takes a long, long time to understand! So hats off to the journalists who compiled the list (and bad luck to the delayed passengers – make your flights claim here

On the subject of travel, the Mail takes a look at what you might expect to get refunded if an airline loses your luggage.

Are you being overcharged for your broadband package?

More than 20 million people are paying over the odds for their broadband it’s been confirmed by regulator OFCOM, who is consulting on forcing businesses to tell people when their contract is up. Most of us know that broadband companies will let us carry on paying without telling us our deal is over but did you know your bill might actually go up?!

In theory, you can complain about being overcharged if your bill has risen and you didn’t realise. So this could result in millions of complaints.

In other news, the Resolver hotline was ringing off the wall with media enquiries about Virgin and Dave, which isn’t a dodgy 70’s sitcom, it’s the story of what you can do if your TV provider drops your favourite channels. Look out for our guidance soon.

Interest rate-gate

Last week the interest rate went up to 0.75%. Savers shouldn’t start celebrating to prematurely, however. Meanwhile, those with mortgages, loans and credit might want to start planning ahead. Here are two guides to help people understand how the impact of the rate rise might affect them.

What makes us British?

There’s been a battle for the soul of Britain since the Brexit vote with politicians lining up to tell us what ‘us Brits’ want. Well, according to a survey, this is what the Brits want: Nike, Vodka and actual hotel rooms…

…and speaking of Airbnb, here’s how a few people got their cash back after yet more holiday disasters:

Credit by postcode

In news guaranteed to thrill curtain twitchers everywhere, the Mail has an interactive map of the UK covering who has the best and worst credit scores by area.

…and finally…

Our campaign for fairer exchange rates for foreign currency #fightoverseasfee continues to generate headlines. Resolver is working with TransferWise to raise awareness about these excessive rates and fees. Get your money back here:

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