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September 10, 2018

10/09/2018 The last few weeks have kept me super busy with Wonga, PPI and flight delays dominating the news, but I’m pleased to say my Monday press review is back!

Amidst the serious news agenda there has still been time for a bit of comedy news, including the not so fresh fish modelling googly eyes, why British people lead the world when it comes to making things rude and why a plastic supermarket tunnel is the top thing to do in Cornwall.

But without further ado, the news stories leading the headlines this week.

Drop debt

I’ll be tackling debt in my next column in the Sunday Mirror. Debt is increasingly becoming one of the leading economic concerns for experts, Government and consumer organisations alike. We’re asking if the time is right for new, affordable loans for people who need them most to help them out of the debt trap.

Stand and deliver

I opened the paper to find lots of mentions for Resolver in the Observer’s lead consumer rights article this weekend. We’ve been tackling the evergreen subject of package deliveries and why we need tougher rules when it comes to online shopping and retailers.

Cold call calamities

New rules kick in today on cold calling, with the Information Commissioner encouraging people to report offenders so they can fine them. Some estimates suggest that over 2.7 billion cold calls – mostly from claims managers – are made annually. Don’t forget you can make a claim through Resolver about nuisance calls, data breaches and other problems to do with your private data and information.

Tech corner

Resolver is one of the UK’s leading consumer tech companies. So I thought I’d better include a few more tech stories, especially as there’s lots in the news this week. The BBC highlights how the Serious Fraud Office is using smart tech to aid their investigations. Robots representing people who are housebound feature in a rather touching story. And quantum computing is the next frontier for the big tech firms – if you can get your head around it.

Dealing with a disaster

Sometimes things go wrong and a business finds itself plunged in to a negative story. Recently we’ve seen countless examples of businesses that have failed to understand or appreciate the level of anger or upset they’ve caused their customers. So credit to BA, for dealing with a potentially disastrous situation with an account hack by swift, effective action.

Creative accounting

Student debt is a source of huge concern to younger people – but is it dramatically affecting our national debt figures? Turns out a bit of questionable calculating from a former Chancellor has hidden the true cost of borrowing. But should we be honest about it?

And finally…

Spiritual home of the aspirational classes, Waitrose, has found itself the subject of much hilarity again after an advert touting student ‘essentials suggested Swiss Bouillon powder and Belazu Rose Harrisa instead of the more traditional Pot Noodle and a supermassive economy bag of pasta shells. Waitrose has been much mocked in the past for how they define ‘essentials’. Mind you, could the whole thing be a crafty publicity plan…?

  • ‘Out of touch’ Waitrose is hilariously mocked over its list of store cupboard essentials for STUDENTS that includes harissa and Swiss vegetable Bouillon powder:
  • 22 Times Waitrose Went Way, Way Too Far:

Don’t forget Resolver can help you deal with a complaint or claim about anything from debt collectors to digital disasters so get in touch!

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