Last minute holiday life hacks

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May 08, 2017

08/05/17 Holiday life hack, what to remember

May is a great month – and let’s face it, a big part of what makes May so great is the double bank holidays!

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Living on an island with such unpredictable weather means that what might have been a wonderful weekend can suddenly be a washout. So, it’s not a surprise that many of us go online to try and find some last-minute holiday bargains. Here are a few tips to avoid a travel trauma.

  • Print it, snap it, save it! If you’ve booked a last-minute trip make sure you photo your confirmations, save or print those emails and save the information where you can access it. Lots of people who contact Resolver have been stranded as a direct result of the web went down with all their info. And if you’ve got e-tickets, make sure that phone or tablet is fully charged!
  • Don’t leave buying currency to the airport. It’s generally an urban myth that ‘you get better rates abroad’. You get the best chance of a decent rate by checking what’s on offer online each day and using a ‘click and collect service from your local station or pick up point’. And if you have one, take a credit card to cover you in the case of cash emergencies (remember to pay any costs straight back on to it!)
  • Don’t leave at the last minute. Security checks are taking longer, no matter where you’re going, so add some extra time to get to the airport. I’ve noticed some airlines have automated their bag drops, so bear in mind that while a nice check-in assistant might overlook that extra pound or two in your suitcase, a machine won’t – so leave a kilogramme or two to spare.

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