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October 17, 2016

17/10/16 There are two things you can rely on in Britain – bad weather and bad trains.

But while we can’t resolve the wind, rain or slowly dipping temperatures now autumn is here, we can help with problems and delays you experience on your daily commute

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This week is Commuting Week on Resolver and today we’re focusing on trains and tubes. Let’s face it, the past few weeks have not been easy on the tracks. We’ve seen strikes, cancellations and a Transport Select Committee report finding overcrowding, delays, complex ticketing and a lack of access for disabled passengers across the network.

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We know our users have taken advantage of our free template emails to raise 3200 issues in the past year with all franchise holders and train operators so as we only exist on this planet to help people, check out the simple reminders and tips below. We hope they’ll get your train and tube travel back on track when things go wrong.

Resolver’s top tips for your travel troubles

  1. If you experience a train delay of at least 30 minutes then, depending on your operator, you should be entitled to some money back. Check your operator for more details.
  2. As the delay increases, often the compensation you will receive does too. Make sure to time your delay on your phone, or a watch (if you still wear one) to include the length in your case.
  3. Most UK national train operators are in a scheme called Delay Repay to process this. But if yours is not, search for their Passengers’ Charter, detailing your rights.
  4. Some of the more enlightened franchises, such as Virgin, will process automatic refunds if you purchased online. Again check your operator’s policy. For some operators you can even upload your ticket via our app by taking a picture of it on your phone to make a claim. 
  5. If you are travelling by London Underground, then you only need to experience a 15-minute delay in order to claim a full refund for that single fare. You can do that on the TFL website. If travelling using an Oyster card in London and surrounding areas, ensure it is registered with TFL to prove your journey was made.
  6. Don’t forget to claim, Check how long you have to make one. You may need to do it within 28 days of the delay, as some claims will not be accepted after that point.
  7. If you have a train delay and can’t get to your final destination, you may be able to claim for hotel/taxi costs – IF you make the stationmaster/conductor aware. Make sure to take their name.
  8. If using paper tickets, always take photos to send off and hold on to the physical ones until your refund is processed. Unless you can prove it, you can’t raise a case.
  9. Remember, people power can make a difference. If enough people claim money back they are entitled to when a delay occurs, services will have to improve. The more you let it go, the less likely it is things will change. Plus it can really add up to a useful sum!
  10. Chat to fellow passengers. If you’re stuck on a tube or train, strike up a conversation. You’re all in the same boat, why not pass the time together. It’s not as strange as it might seem! 

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