Talking delayed flights compensation on LBC radio

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October 27, 2014

(27/10/2014) Resolver hits the airwaves with phone-in discussion show, as we advise the nation on how to complain about delayed flights

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Statistics reveal that British travellers suffer from some of the worst flight delays in Europe. In fact, they’re owed up to £185m in compensation, as an estimated 575,000 people could be due recompense for delays, missed flights, missed connections, overbookings and cancellations.

LBC talk radio presenter Larry Lamb had Resolver’s very own James Walker on his phone-in show this Sunday to chat about how you can claim compensation from an airline, and precisely when you’re entitled to do it.

If you missed it, you can download a podcast of the whole show via LBC’s website
. Be warned, though: it’s not free, as you have to subscribe to to LBC for £3.99. On the other hand, at least you can listen any time and anywhere, without having to be bothered about adverts.

If your holiday or business life has been badly disrupted by flight delays or cancellations and you want to get your complaint heard, try raising your airline issue now via Resolver
– it’s simple, quick and won’t cost you a penny!

For more information, see our page on Flight Delays.

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