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December 11, 2017

11/12/2017 It’s easy to forget sometimes, but we brits are a generous bunch. But how can you share some Christmas spirit this year?

Thanks for the great response!

We’ve had a great response to this article. Thanks to those who got in touch to highlight the great work being done by charities across the UK!

We’d just like to take a moment to tell you about a couple more great causes. If you’re based in Norwich, you might be interested in volunteering at the Norwich Foodhub – a registered charity that coordinates the collection of surplus food from supermarkets in Norwich to distribute to local homeless centres, women’s refuges and foodbanks. You can read more here. They’re always looking for volunteers, and do some really great work!

If you live around Gravesend, you may be aware of Sanctuary – a homeless shelter doing fantastic work in giving the homeless a place to get a hot meal, clothes and a shower.
They run all year round, but their work is especially important over the Christmas period when the weather can be dangerous for anyone without a roof over their heads. Sanctuary are in need of volunteers for their overnight shifts which run on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights – if you can help, please visit their website to find out more. If all this sounds good, you can volunteer here!

Earlier this month, I was passing through a tube station in London earlier this month and watched volunteers from Wrap Up London taking part in the annual collection of warm coats and clothes for the homeless and people in need. London’s legendarily grumpy commuters were bringing bags and bags of clothes to drop off and some even smiled as they did so!

As I arrived at Resolver Towers, our Head of Customer Service, Fran was working on a similar collection for refugees, while other team members are volunteering on helplines over Christmas.

People are often telling me how much they want to help out in some way during this time of goodwill to all. But it’s not always easy to know how to get started. So I thought I’d write the column this week about how you can get involved.

How do I donate to a foodbank?

Like many of the tips on this list, it’s easy to track down your local foodbank with a simple internet search. The Trussell Foundation runs 400 foodbanks around the UK. There are loads of great schemes operating locally too. The trust has a guide for people who might want to donate a food parcel – and non-food items are really appreciated too. Why not check in advance with your local foodbank to see if there’s anything they need specifically.

How do I donate clothes to the homeless

It’s really cold this winter, so why not donate warm clothes to help homeless people. You’ll need to check out the schemes in your local area for this one (type your town and ‘clothing bank’ in to a search drive). Shelter, Crisis and the Salvation Army all work supporting homeless people.

How do I volunteer for a helpline?

Even if you can’t get trained up in time for Christmas, January is the time of year when people need help the most. Speak to the Samaritans or Sane about volunteering for their helplines – or if you have a favourite charity, ask them how you can get involved more directly. I know a lot of people worry about whether they’ll be able to cope with this work – and it may not be for everyone. But most callers to helplines simply need someone to listen to them and understand how they feel. So make a difference to someone who needs a friendly ear this Winter.

How do I help an older person?

Older people often find Christmas particularly hard. Age UK offer a wide range of ways to help, from befriending someone in your local area to setting up events. Alternatively, just speak to your older or more vulnerable neighbours. Make sure they know they’re supported, check their essential service are working and invite them round if you can.

How do I find a charity to donate to?

Even though it might seem unusual, loads of people want to donate to a charity but aren’t sure which one to go for. There are thousands of charities out there so think about the issues that matter to you, then type in keywords in to the Charity Commission database to find some options.

It’s also possible to donate through your wage packet if your employer is signed up to a ‘payroll giving scheme’ (also known as ‘give as you earn’). These schemes allow you to donate from your wages before tax and many companies match the donation.

Christmas is a time for reflection and helping others. But when the tinsel and tree come down, many problems remain. We’d love to hear your stories about schemes to help people in your local area, so we can promote them where we can. Get in touch – and have a Merry Christmas.

We’re setting up a special page on helping vulnerable people over Winter. Get in touch with your suggestions –

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