Valentine’s Day – A recipe for disaster!

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February 14, 2018

Valentine’s day is all about sharing a special moment with the one you love. But it can sometimes be a bit of a fraught experience.

For example, people across the land are currently desperately trying to get a booking at an (overpriced) restaurant, running out of options and shouting ‘how much?’ at the Valentine’s day packages on offer.

Yes, just as the price for a single red rose gets eye-watering on the eve of the big day, so some restaurants take the opportunity to mercilessly fleece young lovers and old romantics! As Resolver’s resident cupid, I can’t make the path of love run smooth, but I can give you a few tips to avoid disappointment!

1. Confirm

Yes, I know you’ve booked in advance and asked for that special table, but call the restaurant on the day anyway – or better yet, get a confirmation by email. Check the restaurant’s policy on late showings, keep their number handy in case you get stuck in traffic – and why not ask if they’ll have a glass of something bubbly waiting on arrival?

2. Check for the catches

If you’ve booked a table at 7 p.m. you might be turfed out for the final sitting at 9 p.m., so check with the restaurant first. Your romantic table for two might also be shared with a number of other couples if there are only big tables left to book, so if you’re planning a special moment, specify you dine alone!

3. Set menus

Usually overpriced and with little in the way of alternatives, Valentine’s meals can leave a lot to be desired. Make the best of it by being savvy. Watch out for the cold dishes (plated up in advance and waiting to be plonked on the table) or things that take a while to cook like lamb (usually cooked in advance then ‘heated up’.

4. Special requirements

A lovely romantic surprise is all well and good, but if your partner has allergies, is veggie or other medical issues, tell the restaurant in advance. Trips to A&E on Valentine’s day aren’t sexy.

5. Back up cash

Set meals might already be eating up your budget, but if you go all mad and make a grand gesture with the champagne or cocktails, make sure you’ve got the money to hand. Don’t just rely on one account to pay. If the bank or card provider’s system goes down, it could be awkward.

At Resolver, we’ve helped sort out over 50,000 complaints about restaurants and dining out. While it’s great to be able to help, we’d rather you didn’t experience any problems in the first place! So follow the tips, laugh through any hiccups and even if the meal is rubbish, enjoy your moment together. It’s the one bit that’s free!

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