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October 19, 2016

19/10/16 It’s Commuting Week on Resolver but that doesn’t just mean buses, trains, tubes or cycles – drivers commute too and we know from experience that they’re not fine about it – especially when it comes to parking tickets

Parking Ticket

You may not realise it but you could use to raise an objection against a ticket you receive from a private parking enforcement company.

So if you’ve ended up with a fine stuck to your vehicle, here’s some tips from our founder James Walker on what to do next.

First off, don’t get caught out

It sounds obvious, but make sure every time you park up you read the signs. They might be small, they often may not be obvious but if they’re there then you’ll know if you are permitted to park or not and have little or no comeback if you go against them. Make sure to read any small print too.

Get your evidence together

If you are given a fine and you feel it has been unfairly awarded, then gather as much evidence as you can as to why. Take photos of how you were parked. Show the signs. Show the lines. Get statements from others at the scene who may have been fined too if you can or locals who know the rules themselves.

Ask friends and family

We all get annoyed if we get a ticket but sometimes it’s valid, even if you don’t want to admit it to yourself. So ask your friends or family members if it was fair you got a ticket and if they too don’t think it is reasonable, then you should appeal.

Create a case on Resolver

You can generally use if you think you’ve been issued an unfair private parking ticket but for those issued by a local authority, you’ll need to follow their own process – usually via their website.

Generally a local authority gives a PENALTY Charge Notification (PCN) as this is a legal offence. A PARKING Charge Notice (or similar names) is an invoice likely from a private company and i not a fine.

You can find more information about this here from our good friend Martin Lewis.

Once you’ve created a case via you can upload all of your photographic evidence, letters, drawings and documents to your unique case file to send to the parking operator.

Remember you can appeal

Stats show just over 50% of consumers that appeal their parking fine actually win, so you have a better than 50/50 chance of having the fine rescinded so always research your right to appeal and go through the appropriate channels. Find out more here

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