What are you entitled to if you’re made redundant?

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July 27, 2020

It’s hard to avoid talk of redundancy as we move out of lockdown and furlough schemes start to switch more responsibility towards employers. Millions of people will understandably be worried about their jobs and what will happen if they are made redundant. 

It’s easy to feel a bit lost when whispers of job cuts start swirling around at work, and many people turn to the internet to find out more about their legal rights. But this can be complex and can sometimes leave you feeling worse. The Government has a guide to the process of redundancy and your rights. It’s a good starting point if you don’t know where to turn. 

But to help cut through the jargon and give you clarity in a situation where arguably you need it most, we’ve put together a short rundown of  your rights. Just click on the links below to get answers to some of the most burning questions we’ve received.

So what’s next?

Talking about redundancy fears is never easy, but it makes sense to prepare yourself if you think you might be affected. Knowing your rights gives you more time to prepare for everything from job hunting to planning your finances – look out for more tips on this from Resolver soon.

You can find loads of guidance and advice on Resolver.

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