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July 17, 2018

17/07/2018 It’s been a Brexit heavy week in the media – and with ‘you know who’ passing through the UK and causing chaos, there are a few stories you might have missed.

Here’s our weekly roundup.

Not so smart

Smart meters are subject that generates huge numbers of comments and complaints – which is kind of inevitable seeing as we’re all being encouraged to get one. But are we being rushed in to a decision? Check out our Daily Telegraph headline from the weekend and our live apparent on BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours here:

Prime numbers

It’s another Amazon Prime day, but are their prices really a bargain, or are we being tricked in to impulse purchases by good, old-fashioned countdowns and con tricks?

Airbnb onslaught

The ‘new tech’ companies (Uber, Amazon, Facebook, etc) with ‘disruptor’ approaches to business are increasingly under attack, after flaky executives, dodgy practices and disregard for rules have lead to a huge backlash. Airbnb has had a rough week of it as a result of a European Commission criticism about the lack of clear up-front prices.

Virtual insanity

There have been a few interesting articles over the weekend on our virtual possessions, from memberships to music, and what happens when things go wrong – or if we die. The Mail highlights an interesting issue: can you insure for the loss of your virtual possessions?

*Spoilers* (it’s not clear at all).

The joys of text

Technology is great, but where does that leave those who don’t want to upgrade or get involved. The Mail reports that soon all Visa shopping purchases may require text ID confirmation. Good for beating fraudsters, but bad for people with different needs, older people and technophobes.

Hanging on the telephone

We reported last week that premium rate phone lines will be a significant emerging area of complaint. This week, the Guardian takes a look at the public services that are still using premium rate numbers. Resolver will be looking in to complaints from our users who have not choice but to call these numbers

…and finally…

Guarantor loans are horrible things, high cost credit masquerading as responsible lending, but really just billing two people in financial difficulties for an overpriced loan instead of one. The Mail agreed and our contribution to their investigation last week touched a nerve with many readers:

You can make a complaint about all of these things and more at www.resolver.co.uk.

Don’t forget it takes just five clicks and only a few minutes. So share the love with your friends and family. #LoveResolution

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