Tip of the Week – sweat the small stuff

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September 29, 2014

(29/09/14) Always be careful of the small print when buying goods or services.

A few minutes spent reading the terms and conditions of any contract or purchase can save months of agony afterwards, particularly if you are spending a large sum of money.

The small print will often be found on the back of any documentation which you may be required to sign and will appear under the heading ‘Terms and Conditions’ or perhaps ‘Conditions of Sale’. Fortunately, most reputable companies will often use plain English – you should not necessarily assume that the small print is incomprehensible even if it is generally boring. 

Which companies generate more small print than is good for you? Be especially wary of insurance policies, holidays, mobile phone contracts, financial or investment contracts and leasing agreements. 

Jasper Griegson – the professional complainer

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