Tip of the Week – if it gets serious, don’t be afraid

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January 12, 2015

12/01/14 Even if you are faced with the threat of legal action, don’t be scared, says Resolver’s pro complainer Jasper Griegson

Judge Bacon Vanity Fair 4 November 1897

Many people are frightened when faced with the threat of Court action, even if they know that they have a perfectly good defence to the claim. 

Being sued is not the same as having a County Court judgment against you – you may very well win. If you are in the right it is very easy to turn up to the appointment at Court (a private room, no fancy costumes and little formality) and explain your side of the story. 

You don’t need a lawyer but you should take along any paperwork (with extra copies). It is also a good idea to make a short list of the points you wish to make. The system is there to help you – don’t be afraid.

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