Tip of the Week – Don’t be afraid to complain

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December 02, 2014

(01/12/14) Resolver’s resident complainer, Jasper Griegson, on how to be brave and bold in raiding that niggling issue


The problem with the British is that we are, all too often, afraid. More particularly, we are afraid to complain. 

Why, compared to other nations, do we behave like timid twitching rabbits? The main problem is our weather. We have spent far too long hiding under bus shelters, umbrellas and raincoats. This has turned us into shy, retiring creatures who dive for cover as soon as a confrontation with anyone in authority beckons. 

The second reason for our diffident psyche is the traditional British stiff upper lip – it’s seen as rather ‘sissy’ to complain. The world has changed and we should change with it. Perhaps, dare I say it, we should occasionally take a lessons from the world’s champion complainers – our friends on the other side of the Atlantic.

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