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September 29, 2015

If you’ve got a complaint to make about a company, service or organisation, using Resolver can make it simpler and quicker to sort out. Read on for our quick-fire guide to making a complaint via


Bad service. It’s happened to all of us. Whether it’s getting dodgy food in a Restaurant, opening an unexpectedly enormous utility bill, or being sent entirely the wrong product. That’s when you need to make a complaint.

How to complain – a quickstart guide

And while bad service is frustrating, complaining about it can be even more irritating. That’s why we created Resolver – a free complaints assistant. We provide one place – and one easy process – for you to raise and resolve your consumer complaints.

We make complaining as quick and simple as possible. Our system knows what sort of language is appropriate for every complaint type, who to send it to, and when to escalate to the next level. Resolver is built on comprehensive research into the correct complaint procedures, including consultation with regulators, government departments, ombudsmen and consumer rights organisations.

Get started with the process of raising your complaint now 

Who can you raise a complaint with using the tool?

We cover thousands of organisations across the UK, including most major high street and online retailers, restaurants, utility providers, airlines and the telecoms and broadband industry. You can raise a complaint with companies in the following sectors:

Telecoms complaints

You can raise an issue about your home phone, broadband, cable/satellite TV services, mobile or mobile broadband, and manage your issue from start to finish.

Start your telecoms complaint now

Energy complaints

We cover 50 companies in the energy sector, so whether it’s an issue with the Big Six or a smaller independent provider, you can raise it via Resolver.

Start your energy complaint now

Shopping complaints 

Whether you’ve bought in person, online or via a catalogue, you can raise your issue via Resolver. Our easy online tool simplifies the process of raising an issue and ensuring your complaint is heard and addressed.

Sort out your shopping issue now

Public services complaints

From problems with your bins to noisy neighbours, you can get it addressed via Resolver.

Get your issue with public services raised now

Travel complaints

We cover anything from delayed flights to cancelled trains to package holiday deals – if you’ve got a gripe with a travel experience, Resolver can make a painless solution easier to achieve.

Raise your issue with a travel company now

Finance complaints

If you have an issue with your bank, building society, loan provider or packaged bank account and feel you’ve been dealt with unfairly, then raise your issue for free with Resolver. Complaints raised via Resolver are officially recognised by the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Raise your issue with a finance company now

Restaurant complaints

Had a problem with the food or service in an independent restaurant, chain pub, takeaway or fast food drive-thru? Whatever type of food, and whatever the price point, if you have a complaint to make against any sort of commercial catering service, use Resolver to help you solve it.

Raise your issue with a restaurant now

Health complaints

If you have a healthcare complaint to make about hospitals, you can seek redress or complain via Resolver.

Raise your issue with a hospital now

Other available sectors:

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