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May 04, 2015

(4/5/2015) helps get consumer issues resolved with

Mse Resolver Numbers

Following the announcement that Martin Lewis and have signed a partnership agreement with, the UK’s leading free issue-resolution portal has seen a massive surge in the number of consumers looking to get their issues resolved.

The actual number of users visiting since the announcement earlier this month has increased by a whopping 120%*.
Weekly visits to the site jumped from 27,000 to 60,000. In addition, the number of cases raised via Resolver jumped a staggering 84%.

Where these people using are actually coming from has also significantly changed since the announcement. Direct visits to have now become the most significant traffic source, replacing Google search. 

Across all traffic sources, the MSE partnership has increased direct traffic to Resolver by a staggering 278%.

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More users, more issues resolved, more companies under the spotlight

The increased traffic has also spread the focus from 365 to 520 companies and given a much clearer picture about what people in the UK want to get set right.

Chart: Types of issues as a proportion of total raised
Key areas of growth as a proportion of overall issues raised since MSE link

Key Complaints Sectors As A Proportion Of Total Complaints

Top 10 companies by issue numbers before and after MSE announcement

Top 10 companies 13th to 19th Apr

1 ASDA 6.4%
2 Vodafone 3.6%
3 Morrisons 2.3%
4 Currys PC World 2.2%
5 easyJet 2.1%
6 Tesco 2.1%
7 Argos 2.1%
8 Virgin Mobile 1.8%
9 1.7%
10 KFC 1.6%

Top 10 companies 20th to 26th Apr

Vodafone 3.6%
Tesco 2.7%
ASDA 2.5%
EE 2.0%
Currys PC World 1.9%
Scottish Power 1.9%
B&Q 1.4%
easyJet 1.4%
Argos 1.3%
Talk Talk 1.3%

James Walker, founder of, commented: “Our agreement with MSE has certainly been the tipping point for Resolver as we push forward with our aim of engineering a systemic change in the way consumers get better redress about poor customer service.

“Now that we are starting to have significant traction and the number of cases that consumers are raising by us is growing daily, we hope UK business will wake up to the fact that how they handle complaints can mean the difference between success and failure in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

“Businesses that turn complaints into opportunities for building closer relationships with customers are the ones that are most likely to survive and prosper. We want to spread the message that when customers complain they give a company the opportunity to fix what is wrong and ultimately improve the customer experience.”

It certainly looks like Lewis’s assertion that could have a worldwide rollout potential could turn out to be true. 

*Pre-MSE deal data taken from 6th to 13th April inclusive, MSE-week post deal data taken from 20th to 27th April inclusive

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