Rip off phone numbers – beware

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August 11, 2014

Resolver is on a campaign, don’t get ripped out when trying to phone your services, ensure you are not using rip off phone call websites. We have listed a few that we have found to ensure you do not use these.

 11th August 2014

Red Phone1

These websites are designed to help consumers to find the contact number for contacting your services, the problem is the numbers, generally 0843 numbers are charged at 5p per minute if calling from you landline or up to 25p a minute when calling from your mobile.  They are often replacing the free phone number that the real company publishes on their website.  

These rip off phone websites will cost you dearly if you use their phone numbers and so we recommend to keep clear!! 

Resolver can help for free

If you need to phone the company Resolver publishes either free phone or landline numbers for all the companies.  In addition you can use the Resolver App to phone through to the companies and record your phone call.  The only charge the cost of a landline call, so probably free in your mobile package and you have a copy of your phone call. 

Companies offer 0843 premium call services 

Savvy Caller -

Numbers Helpline -

Contact Numbers -

Number Connect -

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