Free pizza? That’s the Resolver way…

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August 21, 2015

(21/08/2015) Proof that it’s worth shouting up about bad service… especially if you like takeaways

Papa Johns

It’s one of those horrible management cliches that, in order to be a ‘serious’ company, you have to ‘eat your own dog food’.

In the case of the manufacturers of Pedigree Chum, that’s not a pleasant thought – but the fact is that if you don’t believe in your own product you have little hope of convincing others of its merits.

Fortunately that’s not the case at Resolver – we are all evangelists of our own complaints system. 

So when Resolver founder James (he’s not actually in the picture) complained about a (very) late pizza delivery from Papa John’s (via – raise your own issue here for free), we were all chuffed with the result – one free XXL pizza…

….soon eaten….

Thanks for the Friday treat, Papa John’s!

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