Ringing in the New Year with your rights round-up

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January 08, 2019

07/01/2019 Welcome to our first news review of the year!

We’ve been buffing down the Resolver crystal ball over Christmas. Check out my feature in the Mirror on my tips for the big complaint trends this year. We’ve also been contributing to loads of other articles. Here’s a selection of some tips from the big broadcasters and publications today.

What’s going to go wrong in 2019 – the 5 things most likely to cause problems

Your money in 2019: what to look out for in the year ahead

Make your money work

Aint nothing going on but the rent

It’s a long wait until payday form most people in January. An earlier wage in December often leads to a five week wait for the first pay packet of the year. As debt hits a new high (with a controversial calculation from the TUC), many journalists take a look at how to get out of debt. We’ve got loads of tips – so watch our website.

UK household debt hits new peak, says TUC

How to get out of debt in 2019: experts give their tips on how to get yourself out of the red

Debt headache? Reboot your finances for the new year

Airline top ranking

Which? have released their annual survey of the ‘worst’ airlines with Ryanair taking the least coverted spot. But it’s not great news for many of the big names. Have you got any airline horror stories? I’d love to hear your stories.

Ryanair ranked ‘worst airline’ for sixth year in a row.

Get away

Of course, we’ll put up with a lot to escape Britain for a holiday. As the weekend marked the busiest time for holiday bookings check out these articles on getting the perfect holiday – and watch out for our upcoming features on this subject.

Booking a holiday: everything under the sun you need to know

Sunshine Saturday: How to get a good holiday deal on peak booking day.

Happy days

January is a cheery old time for pessimists, what with the lack of cash, gloom and general cold greyness. But never fear, it’s divorce day today – and we’re all doomed anyway!

Pessimists are predicting a global crash in 2020. You can see why!

Tomorrow is Divorce Day, but you won’t need a lawyer: How to cut the costs of a marriage break-up.

Streamlining streaming

You’ll see that one of my top predictions for complaints in 2019 is streaming services. We’ve worked on a number of features with the Mail on this. Check out their tips to save cash here.

Want to trim bills in the new year? Here’s how to pay less to watch TV and films.

…and finally…

When a story touches a nerve, it can last for weeks as our feature on football mascots did when it broke on New Year’s Day. Since then, commentators from Gary Lineker to Stan Collymore (today) have been lining up to offer their opinions.

Football rip-off – small teams charging mascots Premier League prices.

You can make a complaint about all of these things and more at www.resolver.co.uk.

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