Monday Media Round-Up – Black Friday beckons!

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November 19, 2018

As shopping madness descends on the UK we’ve been beavering away behind the scenes redesigning and updating our guides with tips on shopping, rights, deliveries and more.

We love a redesign at Resolver Towers, but sometimes they just don’t work out. Enjoy (contains mild rude bits).

And so, without further ado, the news!

The high cost of living

It’ll come as no surprise to city dwellers to discover that you’ll pay more at a ‘metro’ or ‘local’ version of a supermarket than you do at a bigger version. Why is this fair? Well, it’s not basically.

Meter madness

Have you noticed an increase in the rather desperate texts and emails from your energy supplier about getting a smart meter recently? That’s because the deadline for installing them is due. Resolver has repeatedly called for this deadline to be extended. It might be redundant soon anyway if miniature suns are on the horizon…

Klarna Khameleon

It’s valued at over £1bn, has millions of customers and it’s slipped under the radar till now. Klarna is a new tool that allows you to ‘buy now, pay later’ and retailers are pushing it heavily in the run up to Christmas. But is it pushing people further in to debt? (Yes).

  • Klarna: ‘buy now, pay later’ system that is seducing millennials:
  • Klarna: The £1bn High Street giant you might not know:

Millennial misery

It’s a bit rubbish being young these days. As if students didn’t have enough to deal with, they’re being targeted en masse by those fake tax refund fraudsters as well as being tricked in to letting their accounts be used for money laundering. And then a small bunch of bourgeois bloggers damage your good name by moaning that £40k doesn’t go far enough when you live at home.

Ex pat tax

At the other end of the scale, pensioners departing Brexit Britain could be in for a nasty surprise as their pension loses its value. Find out where to avoid if you’re leaving on a jet plane and not coming home again.

Long train running

The rail ombudsman is (almost) here! Hurrah, frankly. We love an ombudsman at Resolver Towers and the new one will have lots of powers – but won’t be retrospective. Get ready to welcome them in the next few weeks.

…and finally…

Black Friday is here like it or not so get ready for the shopping bonanza and marketing madness. Resolver has been working overtime with the newspapers to provide guides and tips like this one! Get in touch if you have a problem.

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