ASOS delivery issues? Missguided order hasn’t arrived? Our guide to Black Friday delivery complaints.

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November 20, 2019
Courier handing over black friday package from online retailer like ASOS, Missguided or Zalando.

We’ve seen thousands of delivery complaints with ASOS, Zalando and Missguided.

Whether you’re shopping with ASOS, Zalando or Missguided, if something goes wrong our stats show that it’s likely to be with delivery.

If you’ve ordered something online as part of a Black Friday sale, you should know that delivery problems are by far the biggest issue that Resolver sees.

Since last year, we’ve seen over 63,000 complaints about missed deliveries or items that didn’t show up.

These issues can be particularly frustrating for consumers who find it difficult to get in touch with big delivery companies like MyHermes.

In fact, plenty of people don’t even know whether they should be contacting MyHermes or the retailer they bought from.

Here’s our guide to getting your Black Friday delivery problems sorted.

If you’ve ordered online, complain to the retailer!

Since you’ve bought something from the retailer, your “contract” is with them. You shouldn’t have to chase up the courier. Until the package is safely in your hands, it’s the retailer’s (e.g. ASOS, Zalando, Missguided) responsibility to get things sorted.

The courier they’ve arranged can often only tell you where the delivery has gotten to. You’ll need to get hold of the retailer to cancel your order for a refund.

If your order doesn’t turn up, you should complain to the retailer as soon as possible. The same goes for if your item is damaged in transit.

Know your rights!

If you’re waiting for something you’ve bought online from a retailer in the EU, you’ve got the right to cancel the order within 14 days of it arriving for a full refund (unless you’ve ordered either perishable or personalised goods such as groceries or a bespoke sofa).

You’ll have to return the item, though!

If a date wasn’t specified for the delivery, you get even longer to cancel the order and claim a full refund on return of the item. The rules say you’ve got 30 days to get in touch.

If you’ve chosen to return an item to a retailer for a refund under these rules, they have to refund you within 30 days of receiving the returned item.

Watch out for scams!

There are loads of scams that do the rounds every Black Friday. From fake AirPods to empty boxes, there’s a lot to watch out for.

Check out our guide to Black Friday scams.

Know how to complain!

If things go wrong, Resolver can help.

 Check out our guide to how to make a successful Black Friday complaint.

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