Carillion employees targeted by scammers and spam

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February 01, 2018

01/02/2017 If you’re one of 20,000 U.K. employees affected by the high-profile collapse of Carillion, it’s safe to assume that the last thing you’d want is more stress.

That’s why we’re particularly troubled by reports we’ve received of Carillion employees being targeted by a string of individuals and agencies hoping to make a quick buck out of their misfortune.

One concerned employee who contacted Resolver reported being contacted frequently by unscrupulous advisers, recruiters and CV writers – attention that the employee describes as being “beyond a joke”.

The employee expressed concern that they were being contacted as part of a blanket campaign targeting Carillion employees through their LinkedIn and social media pages, offering services that were of little or no use to them.

This comes as The Guardian reports that Tata steelworkers in Port Talbot being inundated with financial advisers touting for business, to the extent that security guards have had to evict canvassing advisers from the local shopping centre.

The implication that Carillion workers are being identified and targeted through their social media represents increased concern regarding personal data and social media. A recent survey conducted by Resolver showed that 77% of consumers who took part feel that their information is not safe on social media, with 21% identifying their data as “somewhat safe” and only 2% feeling their data is completely safe.

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