Whirlpool recalls 21 additional Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines

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April 30, 2020
washing machine recall

Announcement made on 29th April 2020 by Whirlpool urges the owners of Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines to check their model numbers again.

Whirlpool identified a fire hazard for 21 additional washing machines which were sold since 2014.

The affected model numbers are listed below:

  • WMAQB 641P UK
  • WMAQB 721P UK
  • WMAQB 741G UK
  • WMAQB 741P UK
  • WMAQF 621P UK.L
  • WMAQF 641G UK
  • WMAQF 641P UK
  • WMAQF 721P UK
  • WMAQG 641G UK
  • WMAQG 641P UK
  • WMAQG 721P UK
  • WMAQG 721P UK.M
  • WMAQG 741P UK.M
  • WMAQL 621P UK
  • WMAQL 641P UK
  • WMAQL 721A UK
  • WMAQL 721P UK
  • WMAQL 721P UK.M
  • WMAQL 741G UK
  • WMAQL 741P UK
  • WMSAQG 621G UK

Whirlpool customers can also use this link to check their appliances.

Jeff Noel’s message to the owners of the products;

While we work to provide you with a replacement or repair, to avoid all risk associated with the use of your washing machine, please unplug and stop using it. If you do continue to use your appliance, you should only use cold water cycles of 20 degrees celsius or lower. This is because the issue is associated with the washing machine’s heating element being activated during washing cycles above 20 degrees.

If you would like to raise a complaint about your Whirlpool recall, you can use Resolver for free.

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