Destination unknown: booking holidays now

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August 14, 2020

Since March travel plans have been thrown up in the air (pun intended) and while we may be itching to get on that plane, the dilemma is ‘to book, or not to book?’

The answer – as with most things this year – is it’s complicated. For those who want to take that chance to jet off to sunnier planes, here’s our guide to your rights – and what you can do if your plans get thrown into chaos. We’ll be keeping an eye on the situation so check back to this page for updates as changes to travel plans may continue to develop. 

Latest advice

Refund, insurance – or alternative?

If you book a holiday now, it’s fair to say you are the one bearing the risk. Your fundamental consumer rights remain unchanged but there are many situations people are facing where it’s not clear where – or how – you can get your money back.

It’s very important that you check booking terms and conditions before you commit – and take copies of them. You may find you can ask for an alternative date or a voucher (or even a refund) as part of the company’s own terms if you can’t travel.

New travel insurance policies will almost certainly have exclusions for Covid-19 related claims, but a policy should still cover you for non-Covid related illness or injury abroad, or if you have to cancel if for example, you are made redundant.

Part cancellations

It can be particularly frustrating if one part of your holiday has been cancelled but not the other – and you may be left with a lot of confusion over what you can and can’t do in terms of refunds or claims. Click the links below to get the latest advice. 

Be careful of defaulting to section 75

If you’re due a refund and your provider is not playing ball, then you can fall to chargeback or  section 75 – where you can claim for the cash against your credit card provider. However, many more people are defaulting to this and we predict that credit card companies will simply say ‘enough’. This will particularly be the case for holidays booked now as it can be said that you were aware of the risks to your travel plans before you booked. 

For full details of your rights with flight delays and cancellations  take a look at our guide. And if you want to make a complaint or a claim because you’re due a refund or you feel you’ve been treated unfairly,  use Resolver for free.

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