The nightmare at the end of the fork

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September 15, 2017
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15/09/2017 Take a deep breath everyone and put down those snacks. We’re taking a look at some of the stranger and more disgusting things our Resolver users have found when tucking into a meal or snack.

It’s not pretty! Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories.

We were contacted by one poor lady who was horrified to find a fake nail in a veggie sausage from Linda McCartney. To be more precise, there was a fake nail in the sausage, we don’t think it was actually Linda McCartney’s nail. Either way, it wasn’t exactly vegetarian.

Another of our users told us how he treated himself to a choc- ice once a day. He was busy enjoying his favorite snack- until a half inch piece of wood lurking in the ice cream lodged under his gum. Needless to say, he’s not a fan any more.

A lovely couple got in touch to say they regularly go to their local supermarket café for a meal. One day the man found a sharp, 3” piece of plastic in his pasta. The manager was mortified and refunded the meal, he still had to go hungry while his wife finished her plastic-free meal.  Though she did cook him tea afterwards.

We get to see a wide range of rather troubling photographs of disturbing things found in food. We were particularly troubled by some substance looking like solidified glue that was found lurking in some cornflakes. the mystery hair baked through a loaf of bread was a bit of a worry too.

We know that some people microwave their take-outs when they get home but one couple who contacted us were less than impressed to find their fried chicken came with a battery. Deep fried.

Lurking in the bottom of a packet of crisps was a nasty surprise. Half an earwig. The user who contacted us wasn’t thrilled to discover this – or the fact that her toddler, who had been munching them wasn’t revealing what happened to the other half.

Coffee shops beware. We get lots of complaints about poor spelling of names on cups, bad personal hygiene or inappropriate haircuts. And woe betide a careless handling of the cup. In one instance, a user was furious at the serving of coffee by a barista who carried the coffee cups with bare hands by the rim. The case went all the way to the head office.

Another gentleman told us he switched to a healthy cereal because of concerns about sugar in the leading brands. Unfortunately, the brand he chose was heavy on the bran and he was somewhat unprepared for the ‘side effects’. He felt there should have been clear warnings on the packet…

A leading burger joint came under scrutiny for selling gluten free iced cappuccinos. But its claims were questioned by a customer who had repeated seen (and spotted) a pot of Horlicks on the counter. Frappuccinos have never tasted the same since.
And finally, yes a wide range of beasties, creepy crawlies, and other living/formerly living creatures can ship up in your shop-bought produce. If you spot something that shouldn’t be there, try to trap if humanely and get in touch with your local Environmental Health department. And try to resist looking up stories on the internet – there’s a lot of urban myths out there!

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