The death of the high street – What can you do?

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March 07, 2018

07/03/2018 In recent weeks we’ve seen some big high-street brands bite the dust and the news is full of dire predictions, as the shops have closed their doors and gone into administration.

Most notably, we’ve seen Toys R Us and Maplin encounter difficulties, while today New Look has announced that it may be cutting jobs and closing stores in an attempt to avoid going into administration.

While a number of factors could be considered to be to blame, it’s pretty clear that there has been a huge shift in the way we like to shop.

Consumers have moved to online shopping in huge droves over the past few years, with online sales making up a huge proportion of retailers’ profits.

Many physical stores have lost out to online shopping, and plenty of retailers are reporting lower numbers of visitors and spending.

Although this could be seen as an inevitable decline, many consumers are worried that this could be the death of the high street as they know it! UK shoppers have noticed that local high streets have all started to look pretty similar, with an ever-increasing number of coffee shops and fast food restaurants.

It might seem like there’s nothing concerned shoppers can do to save their high street, this just isn’t the case!

By shopping in-store, you support your high street businesses and can help keep them afloat in these difficult times. If you love popping in to your local shop, you can make a real difference in helping it keep its doors open.

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