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April 28, 2021

Supermarkets have perhaps been the one constant staple that the vast majority of us have relied on during lockdown – even if some of us have changed the way we use them, or had to get used to slightly different experiences as despite restrictions lifting on where we can go and who we can see, social distancing and face masks rules remain in-store.

We want to know about your experiences of shopping at the supermarkets – whether you’ve been to visit one occasionally or regularly,  turned to online shopping or stuck with buying your groceries digitally. How have they coped with lockdown rules such as social distancing and face masks? Are you able to buy everything you need or are there still issues of low stock? And were you faced with problems trying to get a delivery slot, or did some pre-planning sort out those concerns?

Resolver would really appreciate it if you took our short survey for us to find out your experience of supermarkets over the past year. We will be using the findings in future content but all published responses will be anonymised. Thank you for taking the time to help with our research – we are really grateful to our users.

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