Storm power cuts compensation

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February 10, 2020

Storms blew through the UK this month, with many homes experiencing damage and power cuts. If your power was out, you could be due compensation.

Generally speaking, you can claim compensation from your energy distributor for power cuts. This may be different from your energy supplier. See below for more details!

How much compensation can I get for storm power cuts?

If the power cut was caused by bad weather, you’ll get compensation to the sum of:

  • £70 if the power was off for 24 hours (this can be 48 hours if it was a severe storm)
  • £70 for each following 12 hours, up to a maximum of £700

How do I find out who my energy distributor is?

The energy networks site has a great tool to find out who your energy distributor is. Remember, it could be different from your energy provider!

Want to know more about your rights? Check out our guide to energy.

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