Professional complainer tips hat to Resolver on TV

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September 17, 2014

(17/09/2014) Complaints guru Jasper Griegson has today recommended Resolver on national morning news programme Good Morning Britain

The Complainer

Resolver has made the news again today, as Jasper Griegson – who has forged a career as a professional complainer – has recommended us as the best way to get your complaints resolved. 

As well as being an advocate for Resolver, Jasper is also a regular contributor to the site, providing us with a new tip on how to get the best from your complaints every week – and you can read Jasper’s tips here.

This isn’t the first time Resolver’s been mentioned on Good Morning Britain
, either. Back in July, our founder James Walker was on, advising people how they could complain about the delays to passport applications
that have been spoiling holidaymakers’ plans all summer.

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