Over two million people used Resolver to make a complaint last year

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June 09, 2020
Resolver Data

Over two million people turned to free complaints website Resolver in 2019/20 – an all-time record for Resolver and a 50% increase on the previous year.

More than one million of those complaints were about PPI, as biggest financial mis-selling scandal of all time finally came to an end. Yet a further one million non-PPI complaints were made, reflecting the turbulent times for people across the United Kingdom, up to and including the Covid 19 pandemic.

The two million complaints cover more than 100 products and sectors and represent the broadest and most wide-ranging study of the issues that matter to the nation.

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Resolver’s Chief Executive, Alex Neill, says

It is a privilege to be able to help people make over two million complaints for free in the last year. Resolver’s complaints data is the most comprehensive overview of the problems the nation is experiencing on a daily basis.

Resolver has never been more valuable than in recent months, with traffic and complaint volumes soaring. Life has changed so fundamentally for us all, the things that dominated headlines in 2019/20, like PPI and Brexit, almost feel like distant memories.

Despite the challenges posed by the lockdown, we’re continuing to provide an essential service to people of all ages, from every corner of the UK during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Right now, Resolver’s complaints are dominated by problems with travel, holidays and online shopping, but we’re anticipating increasing numbers driven by the economy and financial difficulties. Our predictions are that complaints about credit, finance and utilities will increase significantly. There are challenging times ahead for everyone – and it’s worth all businesses remembering that those who respond quickly, fairly and satisfactorily to their customers are the ones who will succeed.

What’s in the data?

  • Resolver’s complaints data covers every financial year from when our service began (five years ago) to the present.
  • You can complain using Resolver about literally hundreds of things, though our published data only includes the top 100 products and services.
  • You can see from our data that some things like travel, online shopping and credit are increasing dramatically.
  • In total, you can see what 5.6 million complaints were about over the last five years.

Millions of people use Resolver because our service works. So tell your friends and family, share our guides and tips and let us know if there’s something new you want us to cover that isn’t on our database yet.

Top 20 services and products are shown below.

Services and products 2018/19 2019/20 % change
1 ppi 549768 1093353 99%
2 online shopping 108349 112408 4%
3 flight delays and airlines 134996 97263 -28%
4 payday loans 28458 91087 220%
5 package delivery 35313 89901 155%
6 high street shopping 83309 71137 -15%
7 travel agents 23852 39294 65%
8 packaged bank accounts 39162 30780 -21%
9 restaurants 36735 29805 -19%
10 energy services 19137 27966 46%
11 all other services 20508 22978 12%
12 mobile phone contracts 42275 22667 -46%
13 broadband services 19569 22157 13%
14 credit cards 14285 20042 40%
15 takeaways 23522 18668 -21%
16 hotels 15184 14649 -4%
17 faulty goods 11739 13203 12%
18 current accounts 11469 12939 13%
19 buy now pay later – shop credit 2625 9016 243%
20 gambling* 7769 8818 14%
Overall total 1382535 2023626 46%

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