Most appealed parking tickets

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September 03, 2014

(03/09/2014) Do you know where you are most likely to get a parking ticket or what are your chances of appealing the ticket? We can reveal that if you live in London you are the most likely to get a parking ticket but also to appeal it. Find out the top parking ticket appeals in England and Wales, but, also how to contest your ticket.

There are 2 organisations that deal with parking ticket appeals in the UK, the Traffic Parking Tribunal for England and Wales and then PATAS for London.  The number of complaints and appeals in London is higher than the rest of the country with Transport for London receiving the most number of parking appeals.  From a Local Authority perspective where are you most likely to appeal your ticket?

In London

City of Westminster: 4,722 appeals

Borough of Newham: 3,746 appeals

Borough of Camden: 3,159 appeals

Borough of Tower Hamlets: 3,185 appeals

Borough of Lambeth: 2,419 appeals

England & Wales

Manchester: 925 appeals

City of Birmingham: 720 appeals

Brighton & Hove: 646 appeals

Newcastle upon Tyne: 320 appeals

Cardiff City: 292 appeals

How to appeal a parking ticket?

If you want to know your rights and raise and appeal then find out your rights – here 

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