Lost connection? Get your broadband back up to speed

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August 28, 2020

Considering the weather is looking questionable this bank holiday weekend one thing we consumers don’t want to be let down by is our broadband – especially if the forecast is for a weekend of video streaming or gaming.

If you’re relying on your broadband to keep you entertained this weekend, we’ve compiled some tips to get you connected and up to speed if it goes wrong.

What if my broadband is down?

If you’ve got no internet connection and have done most of the standard checks including restarting your devices, it’s time to up the game.

Step One

On your mobile, check if there is a local outage. If so, you could give your broadband provider a call to ask the estimated time for a fix, or if hanging on the telephone is the last thing you want to do, make a complaint through Resolver and ask for money back due to the downtime.

Step Two

If you’ve detected that it’s just you who is having issues, you could see if it’s something you can sort out yourself. Generally speaking, if you’ve got a damaged cable as a result of your kids getting creative with scissors or a weekend DIY attempt going wrong, calling out an engineer from your broadband provider won’t be free of charge. If in doubt consult with your provider before you see a surprise payment in your bank statements.

What if my internet connection is very unstable?

We understand that an unstable internet connection could really hit your nerves. It affects productivity for those who work from home, gamers end up sending their keyboards to keyboard heaven and streamers end up pausing at the most exciting parts of the movies they are watching. So, what can you do?

Step One

If stability issues began recently, your first port of call is to make sure it’s not related to your device(s). Test with multiple devices.

Step Two

If your internet is consistently unstable then raise the problem with your provider – use Resolver for free

All the major internet service providers are registered to the Ofcom Code of Practice for Internet Service Providers so they have 30 to diagnose and fix your problem. If they can’t – and the problem exists beyond your home, you have the right to back out of your contract.

What if my broadband speed is slow?

A slow internet is perhaps one of the most frustrating things if it’s happening to you on a regular basis. In a world where we are expecting up to the minute connection, 10 minutes to download the simplest file and staring at your screen at the ominous spinning wheel is the time you’re never getting back. But how can you get back up to speed?

Step One

Check the speed you’re getting using a free online broadband speed tool. Take a screenshot of the speed it’s reporting. 

Step Two

Under the law, your provider has to supply a service that works as described in your contract – including the speed you were promised or was advertised. You can use Resolver to raise the issue if your provider itself is slow or not looking into fixing the problem.

Resolver can help you raise your complaint to your internet service provider for free and without the need to stay in a phone queue to get it sorted

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