How was your insurance renewal? Take our survey to share your thoughts

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May 26, 2021

A number of us will have had to renew an insurance policy at least once during the course of the pandemic – and we’d like to know how the experience was for you.

Was it an easy process and did you feel you got a good deal? Were you quoted a higher price to renew your insurance for no obvious reason? We’re also keen to understand how easy it’s been to contact your insurance provider through the renewal process, and whether you found it straightforward to get a cheaper quote elsewhere.

Resolver would really appreciate it if you took our short survey to tell us about your experience of renewing your insurance over six months. We will be using the findings in future content but all published responses will be anonymised.

Thank you for taking the time to help with our research – we are really grateful to our users and it truly is invaluable.

Please take our survey about renewing your insurance

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