How to – Reclaim PPI before the deadline!

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August 27, 2019
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After nearly two decades of warnings, 64 million policies sold and over £35 billion paid out in compensation, the end of PPI is finally upon us. 

On 29 August 2019 at 11.59 pm, the deadline for making a PPI claim will pass and that will be that. 

If you’ve not made a claim yet, we cannot emphasise this enough – MAKE IT NOW! You just need to register the complaint before the deadline – that’s all. 

We’ve put together one last guide for anyone with any questions as the countdown to the deadline approaches the last three days. 

Is this really the last time we’ll be able to make a PPI claim?

Oh yes. It really, absolutely, completely is. Miss the deadline and you’ll miss out forever. 

I’ve left it till the last minute – can I still make a complaint.

Yes, you can do this through Resolver. But as of today, the banks and credit providers are going to be enormously busy. We can’t guarantee they’ll open your Resolver complaint on time, even though we’ll get it to them. We strongly recommend you give them a call and register your complaint on the phone too. 

I made a complaint directly to my bank or credit provider – how do I know if they’ve received my complaint?

If you’ve not heard back from the business that sold you a PPI policy, don’t assume they have received it. Mistakes happen, post gets lost and other problems occur. Get in touch urgently and ask them to make a note on the system that you’ve made your complaint in time. Get a name of the person you speak to and the time you called too. 

I made a complaint through Resolver but I’ve not heard anything.

When you’ve made a complaint through Resolver, you’ll get an email straight away to the email address you gave us. If you’ve not had an email, for some reason you won’t have completed the process. Don’t worry, just go on to your dashboard to check. If your complaint isn’t showing on their, make it again. 

Where is my Resolver dashboard?

Go to and look in the top right corner for the pink button that says ‘my cases’. 

I’ve had an email asking me to chase up the firm. What should I do?

If we’ve not heard back from the firm in a week, we email you to suggest you chase them up. It’s dead easy. Just go in to your cases in your dashboard, click on the case and in the top left of the screen click on the ‘reply’ button. Don’t worry, you’ve already registered your case. We recommend giving them a nudge though.

The firm says it can’t find any PPI policy – should I give up?

If a firm says it doesn’t have any documentation, you can still go to the financial ombudsman who will look in to your case for free. You can do this through Resolver too. 

I complained direct to the business direct some time ago. They had the complaint but I didn’t hear anything back.

Chase them up urgently. They may have sent you a ‘final response’ letter in the post which gives you a six-month time limit to go to the ombudsman. Or just reissue your case through Resolver.

One last word

There’s potentially billions of pounds still outstanding in compensation. If in doubt, make your complaint now. Because come Friday, it’s all over.

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