How do you identify people most in need of help during lockdown?

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April 24, 2020
Identify vulnerable customers

How do you actually go about getting help if you need extra support during lockdown? In recent weeks, the struggles that many of the 1.5 million people classed as ‘extremely vulnerable’ to get access to some services has become apparent.

This has been most stark with getting supermarket delivery slots, but Resolver is increasingly hearing from people who are finding it hard to get the help they need from call centres and websites in almost all the main sectors.

To highlight the scale of the support that’s needed, Resolver identified the numbers of people who are classed as vulnerable and made complaints in 2019 across all business sectors. The numbers show how businesses need to focus their resources on reaching the people who need prioritising the most.

The table below shows the number and percentage of people who may be vulnerable or in need of help and prioritisation during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sector Name Vulnerable people by number total cases percentage vulnerable
Finance 308,559 587,672 52.51%
Shops 121,747 848,029 14.36%
Telecoms 85,173 225,792 37.72%
Travel 82,502 745,437 11.07%
Restaurants 39,992 204,276 19.58%
Energy 21,321 68,345 31.20%
Motoring 16,831 80,055 21.02%
Legal 12,359 18,121 68.20%
Leisure 12,029 68,815 17.48%
Services 11,084 34,001 32.60%
Public Services 10,568 35,996 29.36%
Insurance 9,018 44,126 20.44%
Property 6,636 16,359 40.56%
Health 5,450 7,209 75.60%
Water 2,236 6,529 34.25%

Resolver’s chief executive, Alex Neill, says

From supermarkets to holiday companies, businesses are facing an unprecedented wave of people contacting them seeking help. Asking people to step back and let those most in need get help first is only one part of the solution. Businesses need to prioritise the most vulnerable people and act fast to help them resolve their issue.

To help businesses identify which of their customers may need help the most, Resolver Vulnerability Assistant software will be free throughout the pandemic. The software allows businesses to identify which complaints are more likely to be from people who need extra help or support. To enquire please contact

Find out more about the Vulnerability Assistant Portal here:

If you’d like more information about this story, contact Martyn James and the press team on You can find Resolver’s general coronavirus / COVID 19 advice and resources here:

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