Flybe collapses into administration – all flights grounded

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March 05, 2020

UK airline Flybe has gone into administration.

The already troubled airline has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak. Flybe has failed to secure new funding and has now collapsed into administration.

Passengers have been told not to travel to the airport, as all flights are grounded.

What are my rights? How do I get a refund?

Since Flybe has gone into administration, you might find it difficult to get a refund. If you make a complaint via Resolver, you’ll likely be placed into a queue of creditors.

If you’ve booked your flight using a credit or debit card, it may be best to contact your card provider.

If you’ve paid using a credit card and your flight cost over £100, you should be covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

If you’ve paid via debit card, you may be able to request a chargeback from your card provider. Be aware that card providers offer chargebacks at their own discretion.

If you have travel insurance, you may also wish to check with your insurer.

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