Flight delay fakers! Claims Management Companies rip off consumers by raising cases through Resolver!

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October 18, 2018

18/10/2018 Claims management companies are now USING RESOLVER to contact firms – further proof that they can be an absolute waste of space!

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen a number of claims management companies raise cases through Resolver on behalf of their clients.

This is absolutely unacceptable, since everyone has access to Resolver for free – and claims management companies charge you for their services completely unnecessarily.

All in all, this is further proof that there’s no need to go to a claims management company. Resolver is easy to use – and won’t result in you losing a cut of your claim to an unnecessary claims management company!

Recently, we’ve seen Flight Delay Specialists.co.uk and airline-refund.com (who’ll take 18% ex. VAT of your claim as a “success fee”) raise cases with Resolver. Think twice before handing over your hard-earned cash to companies who’ll use a free service anyway!

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