Credit cards to be banned when gambling online.

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January 14, 2020

People will be banned from using credit cards to place bets, the Gambling Commission has said.

The ban, which will start on 14 April, comes as the Gambling Commission and government try to stop problem gambling.

The ban will apply to all online and offline gambling products, meaning consumers won’t be able to spend on credit cards if they’re playing online slots or casino games.

This, along with last year’s cuts to Fixed-Odds Betting Terminal (FOBT) stakes, marks a further attempt to stop consumers facing potentially damaging practices within the gambling sector.

While this is a step forward, a huge number of gambling complaints made via Resolver are to do with the checks that gambling firms carry out.

Many companies are still letting consumers gamble before security and self-exclusion checks are made. This causes huge confusion, with many consumers angry at the unclear policies.

The rules say that age verification has to be done before you can gamble, but security checks can still be done after the fact.

This may be the next thing to change, as the Government continues to examine the 2005 Gambling Act as part of their manifesto.

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