Coronavirus scams and WhatsApp – don’t believe every text you receive!

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March 27, 2020

Watch out for coronavirus scams!

We’ve been hearing tons of repors of people receiving scam texts.

These spoof texts impersonate government numbers and claim to be enforcing fines, with links attached.

As ever, don’t click on any links you receive in texts! They normally take you to sites that’re trying to steal your details.


As ever, there’s an incredible amount of misinformation being spread via WhatsApp.

From dubious research saying coronavirus is “airborne” to conspiracy theories about the Pope, we’ve seen it all over the past few days.

Remember, double-check everything you receive over WhatsApp.

It’s more important than ever that we fight back against fake news, scams and misinformation.

There are also independent and non-politically aligned fact checking websites here:

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