Can millions of people who lost out before make a new PPI claim?

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July 05, 2018

05/07/2018 Our phones have been ringing off the hook at Resolver Towers this week after news about a PPI court case in Manchester went public.

Here’s how the BBC reported the story:

Could millions of people be entitled to compensation?

In a word: maybe. But why wait when you can make a claim today for free?

The court case

While the Manchester court case does not set a precedent or mean people are automatically entitled to get full compensation for commission, the decision could have a significant impact in the future if the case is appealed yet won by the consumers.

It seems likely that the business will appeal the decision so it may be some time before a higher court makes a definitive ruling.

In the meantime, here are your options:

If you’ve not made a PPI complaint, make one now! Commission is already included in PPI compensation if your case is upheld, as is interest. Get started here.

If you don’t know if you had PPI you can find out more using our free PPI tracker tool. You don’t need lots of info either.

If you’ve made a PPI complaint but been turned down you can make another complaint about compensation already – these are known as ‘Plevin’ complaints (after the court case that previously said excessive commission on PPI was unfair). It’s dead easy to make a complaint with our special tool here.


The clock is ticking for PPI complaints. You’ve got just over a year before the deadline for making a claim kicks in – and time flies quickly. So don’t delay!

It only takes 5 clicks to make a PPI claim through Resolver. It’s free, simple and straightforward.


We’ve got lots of love to give. Well, for everyone apart from claims managers. They’ll rip you off and take a big chunk of compensation from you if you use one for a claim.

Yet they’ll ask you to provide exactly info the same as Resolver – so you’ll be doing all the work for them. Our PPI claim tool is much easier, quicker and you get 100% of your compensation back.

We’d love to help your mates, your family, you colleagues, anyone who’s thinking about making a claim. So share the love. Tell your friends. Get your cash back for free.

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