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August 27, 2014

If you complain what do you expect as compensation? Most consumers are only looking for an apology, but, what are the top 25 bizarre forms of compensation offered, read on!

The weirdest compensation offers, remember if have a problem Resolver can help.

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1. A free meal with extras! 

  Being offered free food from a restaurant chain but then asked to take the complaint e-mail in and show it before getting my complimentary meal. Also having to go to the same branch to receive the free food.

2. Going above and beyond

Sex offered by the girl on the phone from the Contact Centre.

3. The dog ate my homework 

A complaint that a courier had delivered the passport to the wrong address. They said it was because the courier’s girlfriend’s dog had died, they even gave him my phone number and he made several calls to me!

4.  Go and use the vouchers 

A book of vouchers only redeemable in the USA so we would have to buy flights to go and spend them.

5. No seats available

8,000 flying club miles, despite complaining that I am finding it impossible to spend the club miles as there were no qualifying flights.

6. Pay for the discount

Energy company offered me £25 discount off my next bill for poor service but added £25 onto my bill, it then took 3-months to get the £50 back!

7. It is a recession you know

An airline after loosing out bags for the entire cruise to be told by an operative – ‘do you not know there is a recession on’.

8. At least you can send a letter

12x 1st class stamps after Royal Mail loosing my suit in post.

9. How much is television worth?

After having poor reception on cable television for 4 months was offered £10 discount.

10. Where would you get a car tyre from?

A voucher for a new tyre from a scrap yard.

11. Change your review

After a condom broke and we gave a bad review we were offered more free condoms in exchange for changing the review.

12. Hopefully it was a box of Roses!

A box of chocolates after a service issue cost me over £100 and five hours of my time to sort it out the problem.

13. 60p for your loyalty 

Being with a top mobile phone company for 12 years and being offered 60p a month not to switch to another provider.

14. No email its ok have £2.48

A ‘goodwill gesture’ of £2.48 for not having any internet for a month.

15. Computer says take more

Bought an iron from a shop that was closing down, paid £15. The iron broke and the shop had closed, so I tried to claim money from my bank (read on-line that as purchased with bank card could make a claim). The bank refused to refund my £15, but asked if I would accept £37 as a good will gesture!!!!!!

16. Have a drink

Bottle of orange juice that was out of date and then fermented and exploded.

17. A crème egg

Say no more!

18. Same experience, different day

A free meal at the same restaurant after food poisoning from that restaurant.

19. We are looking after you 

My bank insisting leaving me stranded without a hotel in Croatia was ‘for my own protection’.

20. Not a fair state of affairs

Being offered £100 for a travel company ruining our once-in-a-lifetime cruise to celebrate our golden wedding. Having booked an add-on to stay in Dubai for a nostalgic three days in a city whose layout my husband had worked on, we were then put in a hotel two states away with a £60 taxi ride each way to get to Dubai.

21. Please listen to me!

An exchange for the same product which was the wrong item in the first place

22. Your fruit cake

A years supply of fruit cake

23. Computer says no

Asked by a bank what I wanted them to give me as compensation for a very minor and almost comical complaint. I asked for a bottle of wine to celebrate the Queens golden jubilee or £5 and they said that £10 was the minimum they were allowed to give.

24. Simples 

A free meerkat adoption.

25. Try harder

An airline when I was charged twice for the same flight, they owed me £150 which they paid in 3 separate payments only after my story was featured in a national paper did I get my money back.

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