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March 31, 2017

Welcome to the new look Resolver!

We’ve listened to your comments and suggestions and given our whole site a shake up and redesign for 2017. We hope you’ll find that it makes sorting out complaints and problems even more simple and quick than before.

Resolver is an entirely free service created to help you to raise and resolve complaints

Back in 2012, I came up with the idea for Resolver after I had a problem with my boiler. It wasn’t just the fact that the boiler had packed in that was the problem. It was the subsequent, ridiculously frustrating process of trying to make a complaint. I couldn’t believe how complicated the business made it. So I realised there had to be a better way for people to get problems sorted out. And Resolver was born.

Flash forward a few years and I’m pleased to say that, we’ve helped sort out over 600,000 complaints in just two years – and we have 840,000 unique uses of our complaints too. As a result of those complaints, we’ve helped you get a whopping £400m in redress back. And as word gets round we’re on course to resolve 1.4 million new cases in 2017.

I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved so far. But I don’t want us to rest on our laurels. There’s a lot of work still to be done.

Resolver isn’t solely about helping people get their voices heard. We want to help businesses be better at dealing with complaints – and to see their customer’s comments as an opportunity to build long-standing relationships based on good service and loyalty. We’re committed to working with ombudsmen, consumer champions, politicians and every kind of industry you can think of to do just that.

But more than anything, we need to know your comments and experiences so we can help change things for the better. So keep in touch – we’d love to hear from you. And don’t forget to let your friends and family know that we can help.

What is it that Resolver does again?

As part of our makeover, we thought we’d answer a few of the questions that we often get asked about who we are, what we do and how we do it. So we’ve asked some of the Resolver team to channel their inner agony aunts and respond to your letters, emails and tweets.

Can you explain what Resolver is in three easy sentences?

Greg Billinge – Director  

Ok, let’s do this!

Resolver is an entirely free service created to help you to raise and resolve complaints about almost anything, quickly and directly with businesses and other organisations.

Our website helps you construct a complaint in your own words while gathering the information the business needs to sort things out, first time.

And if you’re not sure how to get started, we talk you through your rights and explain topical problems in Plain-English.

How is Resolver different to other websites that help you make complaints?

Milly Trotter – Product Manager

Leaving aside that we’re by far the biggest and widest-reaching complaints site, there’s more to Resolver than just complaints. We want to part of making things better rather than just something you turn to when something goes wrong. So our website contains a wealth of resources for people who want to know more about their consumer rights – and tips and articles on avoiding some of the problems that can occur with various goods, products or services.

I’ve worked with Resolver since the launch and I’m really pleased with how the website has evolved in response to the way that people react to it. If you tell us what you’d like to see, we’ll do our best to accommodate it.

What can you use Resolver to complain about?

Katie Goss – Customer Support Agent

If a business or organisation is based in the UK, then we can help you with the complaint. We work with a huge range of services and industries including telecoms, financial services, retail, public services, travel, restaurant, utility industries – and many more. We’re working with all of these desperate companies to encourage a simple, straightforward way of addressing complaints that helps them improve their own procedures too.

It’s taken a huge amount of work – and trust me, it’s always an ongoing process – but it’s what makes our approach unique. We don’t just dump complaints on firms and leave them to it. We’re providing our expertise to them so they can improve complaint handling across their own industries and areas.

Do firms have to listen to you?

Amy Connolly – Customer Support Agent

No – but we’ve won over the vast majority of them through a lot of hard work. That’s why we’ve spent the last few years working with businesses and organisations large and small across almost every sector you can think of to persuade them of the value of accepting complaints made through our website.

Francesca Geer Dawe – Head of Customer Service

We’ve taken on board their suggestions, shown how they can use the complaints to make their services better and most importantly, demonstrated the value of giving their customers a simple yet effective way of making a complaint.

Inan Aksoy – Head of Engagement

What businesses tell us they like the most is the way we encourage people to put complaints in their own words – but in a way that gives them all the information they need to resolve the complaint. And as more businesses have embraced what we’ve been doing, the last few hold-outs have finally come on board.

How come Resolver is free? What’s the catch?

Mark Bailey – Director of Sales

This is the one question that I hear more than any other – and quite right – it’s a great one!

So first things first, Resolver is a completely free service. No strings. No catches. No nasty surprises. When we set up Resolver it was vital that our service was ethical and uncompromised. So you won’t see any sponsorship or adverts on the website either.

We aren’t a charity, of course – and we do provide services and software to businesses and organisations to help them manage their complaints more effectively. But the services we offer are also based on our ethical business model. They’re designed to help firms do things better and learn from what their customers are telling them.

Are you selling my personal data?

Zak Christian – Social Media and Marketing Assistant

Another great question!

So in a word: no. We will never provide your details to a third party or another organisation. We only contact the business you want to complain about and we deliberately don’t take any key data like account numbers or reference numbers that could be used to compromise your security.

I’ve seen Resolver customers mentioned by name in the media – what if I want my complaint to stay private?

Freddie Homan – Media and Content Manager

Any complaint made through our website or social media channels is absolutely private. Don’t worry!

You’ll see us asking for your stories on our social media pages, through the newsletter and in our articles in the press. We do this because having examples of things that have gone wrong (or right) are a great way to illustrate to the impact of a problem to businesses, key organisations and even politicians. We’re also regularly asked by journalists what the big issues are that affect their readers. So personal stories can really bring a subject to life.

These examples will only ever be used anonymously – though if you’d like to speak to a sympathetic journalist, I’m happy to arrange it!

…and can I just say a big THANK YOU! We’re always really touched by the people who take the time to give us their feedback and stories so we can help make things better.

You’ve said there are ‘three parts’ of the business that make up Resolver. What are the other two?

Tom Smith – Head of Product

We set up Resolver to help people sort out complaints with the support of a number of backers and consumer rights experts. Resolver is the public face of what we do and our passion. But there’s actually three parts of the organisation. Resolver, Decider and Helper.

Nick Kneller – Product Manager

Helper is a handy piece of software that we’ve developed to help
small businesses to handle and resolve problems and complaints. Increasingly we’re hearing from people who want to make complaints about smaller businesses. That’s absolutely fair enough, but it’s hard for these businesses to understand the rules they have to follow, what they’re supposed to do and how to find the most effective way to sort out a problem.

Amanda Cavallaro – Junior Developer

Helper is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs, to use the official term) that may not have dedicated/big customer service teams or the experience of complaints and how to deal with them. We believe that if Resolver makes complaining quick and simple for everyone, we want to make resolving complaints just as quick and simple for these businesses.

The tool also helps businesses raise cases with any of their key suppliers (as they have similar rights to you and me).

Steve Creedon - Chief Technology Officer

We created Decider to provide an all-round, decision-making platform for larger businesses and organisations to resolve disputes between two parties. Built on what we’ve learned from our experiences of online dispute resolution, the service helps provide a clear, consistent route to justice for consumers. The platform is suitable for Courts, Tribunals, ombudsmen and independent decision makers.

Decider isn’t about giving firms a generic way to resolve a complaint. It’s about managing and learning from the process.

And finally, why the makeover?

Anders Orrberg - Product Designer

Working for Resolver is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a young, ambitious organisation as it develops. Design is so important to what we do (and I love being able to do it for a living). So we’ve listened to what you’ve told us about the site, the way it looks, how easy it is to use and what works and doesn’t work for you.

We’ve taken those suggestions and comments and relaunched the site so it’s more striking and easy to navigate. I hope you like our new look too. Keep those suggestions coming!

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the work we do, so keep them coming. We’d love to hear what you think about our redesign too. You can get in touch by email or through our social media channels.

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